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ZenTap Pro

The fastest way to write on your iPhone

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  • Advanced word prediction system
  • Spell checker
  • Text snippets and templates
  • 4 customizable key buttons
  • Integrated Translator
  • Direct export of text to email, sms, safari and twitter
  • Wide text edition area

Independent bloggers reviews

With superior text editing capabilities, ZenTap Pro is an excellent application for iPhone users. It is considered as one of the best text editing apps available in App Store.... by BestApps.com (Read full review).
I tell you what! I love ZenTap Pro. It is without a doubt one of the best, if not THE best, text editor apps available in the App Store today. I didn’t experience a single bug or crash during testing. I loved how easy it is to type, review, and correct text. Having the option to save and come back later, create my own shortcut keys, and easy export into email were just the icing on the cake. I can honestly say ZenTap Pro is iPhone homepage quality. It’d make an excellent companion right next to your email and SMS icons... by SlapApp.com (Read full review).
This is a very neat little program. The developer provided a copy for inclusion in our upcoming text editor and word processor review. After using it for a short time I found it very fast and handy for entering plain text. The text prediction, spell checker, and customizable buttons make typing very fast and accurate. It only works in the landscape mode with the wide keyboard which is really best for typing text...
If you Twitter, SMS or email a lot you should take a look at this neat little app. Great Job! by iPhoneAppTestLab.com (Read full review).