Apr 05

Since we started Zenbrains, we knew it clear that we wanted our applications to have a common fact: being useful and giving the user a very clear value. Of course, from time to time, we would also launch some “divertimento” like Letris (which is coming soon to the store!), but the most clear example of the previous lines was ZenTap, an application for writing assistance on the iPhone.

To our surprise, some days ago we received a message through our website, from Michael Bergmann. He told us he was a father of a 14 years old autistic boy, who had learned to communicate by means of pointing to letters on an alphabet board, which was an amazing advanced step.

We must admit that after such an introduction, and before having read his next words, we were a little confused. But, gaining connection with our possibilities of helping, Michael’s message continued in a very interesting way: the upcoming release to market of iPad brought a very good chance, since it looked like the perfect device in order to help his son… if he had the right application. His question to us was the following: Michael had tried ZenTap, and once he had seen the word prediction mechanism we had used on it, he wanted to know if we were able to help him on that “right application” he had in mind and was about to develop…

So Aram put his shoulders to the wheel and collaborated with the iMean project. Less than two weeks ago from this, we can say that Michael has finished the first version of the app, which is already available on the App Store, and the most important thing: it is helping his son to communicate better!

We are very pleased to hear news like this, which help us to keep working and trusting the human side of technology. We wish a great success to iMean (unfortunately, there are many users that may need it). It is a good reward for us to know that doing some good things brings those good prizes with them.


http://itunes.com/apps/imean (AppStore)

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