Sep 11

With the OpenFeint App and his game spotlight, we have in our hands a new free game every day.

There are a lot of webs and even apps which allow us to find or be notified when apps get free, for gamer OpentFeint is a must App to have. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and the first thing i do every morning is to get the free game of the day, I don’t really have time enough to do more than a quick test of the game but at least I know I’m not missing the opportunity.

What I like of the OpenFeint system is the achievements and the social face of it, world rankings, friends and all the other options it offers.

We will see if OpenFeint can stand the blow from Apple and his new game center, knowing the guys from the apple it will be very good made and doesn’t only offers a world ranking but a multiplayer option.

Get it here

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May 19

A week ago a client for Mac was release for the popular online gaming service and store Steam. This service, that has been available for Windows already for some years, brings to the fans of Apple’s platform what has always been missing, games. Steam is like an Apple Store, with a character a bit more social and oriented to online gaming, you can have a buddy list.

As a Mac OS X fan and player that I am, I will tell you that this is great news, whenever I saw it was ready to download I got it and since then I’ve been taking a look to it. As starter I got Portal, which is free until the 24th of this month cause of the new client for Mac. We don’t have to settle with old games, adapted to run under Mac OS using X11 or Java, anymore, or wait till the companies decide to make or not a version for Mac. Now we only need to open the Steam client and select the tab for Mac games and there it is, the latest games for Mac, their demos or the chance to get a nice offer.

Steam is a must for every gamer where you can keep your games collection, find offers, download demos, buy games or be up to date with the latest news about games.

I won’t tell only nice stuff about it, although I believe it’s a great step so we can put aside, finally, our PC’s without having to say goodbye to quality games, it is a new client and as such, it comes with it’s problems. Strange hung ups, games that don’t run properly and the annoying thing that you can not, yet, choose only to see Mac games, are some of them.

So as it is, Valve deserves a clap for bringing us this client, still with things to improve, but continuously updated.

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