Jul 05

In this post we will see how to get files that our application creates during runtime, this can be useful when we need to check that the files is being build properly or when we want to save the database build from the app.

To do it we will use Xcode from the window organizer, you can open it from the view menu. In the organizer and with your iPhone plug in, we will have access to our applications folders. Find your application and click in the triangle to see its content.

Now we should be seeing the common package icon.

Now, we only need to drag the icon to the desktop and we will get a folder with the content of the folders Documents, Library and tmp from our application.

With this and the earlier post, we can access to any file created during runtime of oir applications.

Other important thing to know is that if we do any changes in this folder and drag it back to the application in the organizer window we will be able to put in our application sandbox any file to use it in runtime.

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